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Traditional Keys to the Latest Intelligent Fobs

Shop service and a mobile locksmith service. 

Save time, money, and aggravation. One call to Waco Lock and Key eliminates the need to tow your vehicle to a dealer in a lost key situation. Once we’re on site we can typically make a working key for your car in under an hour. You can rely on our locksmith to supply, cut, and program a replacement key for your car. Every key is guaranteed to work.


Our highly trained automotive locksmiths use specialized diagnostic equipment capable of programming most vehicles on the road today. Our locksmiths are background-checked and registered as Vehicle Security Professionals.

Every day fleet managers, auto dealers, and car auctions rely on Waco Lock and Key to make:

  • Mechanical Keys

  • Transponder (chip) Keys

  • Keyless Entry Remotes

  • Remote Head Keys

  • Proximity/Smart keys

  • Side milled and laser cut keys

Transponder Keys

People often ask us about "chip” or transponder keys. The term transponder refers to an RFID tag similar to those used for security in stores. The tags are molded into the plastic head of a car key. The RFID tag receives and transmits electronic codes. In cars these codes can be fixed, encrypted, or rolling depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.


When a transponder key is turned in the ignition the vehicle sends an electric pulse to the key. This pulse is strong enough to momentarily power the transponder. The transponder responds by transmitting a digital signal back to an antenna in the car’s ignition. If the digital code sent from the key matches the one stored in the car’s immobilizer the car will start. If not, the car may crank over, but will not continue to run.

Most cars since 1999 are equipped with transponder keys and a factory-installed immobilizer. Waco Lock and Key’s automotive locksmiths have sophisticated programming equipment that can add and erase keys to most vehicles on the road today.

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