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Trust Waco Lock & Key to Open Your Locked Door

We understand how frustrating it is to be locked out of your home, office, or car. It can happen quickly when keys are left inside, misplaced, or broken. Sometimes the locks themselves fail, leaving you stuck on the wrong side of the door. You’re fairly frantic and want in as quickly as possible. You could pry open a window, but that could lead to costly damage.

Our Locksmith hours are currently available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Our trained security professionals have the proper tools and training to unlock:


  • Passenger Vehicles

  • Homes, Apartments, Condos, and Cottages

  • Offices, Stores, Warehouses, Gates, and other Commercial Properties

  • Small Safes and Lockboxes

No one plans on being lockout. However, if it does occur call Waco Lock and Key

We’re Vehicle Unlocking Specialists

Should you accidentally lock your keys inside of a car, you can count on Waco Lock and Key to quickly come and open the vehicle during business hours. Our licensed locksmiths provide fast reliable service at affordable rates.

Cars are becoming ever more complicated. The old trick of unlocking a door with a coat hanger often leaves scratched paint and torn weather stripping. Using a "slim jim” in the door can lead to damaged wires or disconnected push rods. Many high-end vehicles will deadlock or re-lock themselves when they sense tampering.

Waco Lock and Key has state-of-the-art tools, to unlock virtually any vehicle on the road today.

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